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Our reports rely on proprietary surveys or on secondary research sources that, though freely available and reliable, often require extensive OTC FX industry expertise to find, normalize, and put key data into context.

Latest & Upcoming Research

Citigroup Inc FX Holdings 2019


This report evaluates Citi's historical holdings of spot FX and FX derivatives contracts, and how fast these and FX revenue grew relative to peers. Additional statistics include market share analysis relative to U.S. banks and globally.   Report page link

2020 FX Derivatives Update


We analyze the latest figures from U.S. regulators and BIS relative to FX derivatives, to recognize how various firms and FX products have evolved over time.


FX & Trade Equanimity


 Tariffs are a blunt instrument to address trade imbalances, but more analysis is required. This report ranks major U.S. trading partners by equanimity looking at their FX and trade changes over 30 years.   Report page link 

Featured Research

2019 Leveraged Trading Market Overview


This report provides our 2019 overview of key performance metrics and transformative trends for the leveraged trading market, which includes retail FX and contracts for difference (CFDs). Report page link

2019 Electronic FX Platform Ranking


Whether through merger and acquisition or organically, the world of multi-dealer platforms (MDPs) continues to evolve and, with it, capital markets microstructure. This report ranks the most important FX platforms across FX products. Report page link

The Japanese Retail Trading Experience


Japan’s retail FX trading has reached highs of US$250 billion per day, and it has been adopted by roughly 7% of the country’s adult population. This report takes a deep look at key broker firms and market conditions in the world's largest leveraged retail market. Report page link


The Geography of FX


This report looks at the 53 nations covered in the 2019 BIS FX Triennial Survey and some of the top geographies not covered in this landmark study -those with the highest potential for FX activity. Report page link 

China FX: Coming of Age


Our 2019 China FX brief tracks the rapid growth of trading volume in Chinese currencies across FX products and jurisdictions, as well as the much larger number of Chinese banks acting as FX market participants.  Report page link

The Paz Activity Curve


 The Paz Activity Curve shows the changing equilibrium between FX trading volume and macro factors (GDP, foreign trade) over time and relative to other economies.   Report page link 

Alpha and the Pursuit of Execution Quality


Best execution in foreign exchange (FX) encompasses a number of steps taken at various times: pre-trade, at-trade, and post trade.  The report explores quality execution analysis (QEA), an increasingly important part of the more comprehensive transaction cost analysis (TCA) trend. Report page link

Spot FX Average Trade Size Study


This paper examines CLS, central bank, and Bank for International Settlements data to illustrate how average trade size in the over-the-counter (OTC) spot FX market varies longitudinally, by time of day, by FX pair, and by factors such as counterparty type and use of prime brokers.  Report page link

Forex Datasource Custom Studies


Forex Datasource is accustomed to researching custom topics for clients, and creating thought leadership papers or more comprehensive studies from primary research. To inquire about our suggested methodology for a particular study in mind, kindly contact us. 

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