About Us

What We Do

As a boutique advisory firm, Forex Datasource provides market-neutral insights that inform the strategic decisions of FX market participants. Our work includes consulting engagements, primary research design, and insight sharing via reports, webinars, and event participation.

Javier Paz, former head of FX coverage at Boston-based Aite Group, leads the firm's advisory practice. Mr. Paz is a frequent contributor to Bloomberg, The Financial Times, and The Wall Street Journal, and is a guest speaker at industry events,.

Your External Research Arm

Our clients tend to be sell-side firms, vendors, trading platform owners, retail brokerages, regulators, and private equity firms. Some of these subscribe to our full report production and others buy individual reports at the syndicated price (US$4,000). 

We see our role as external research specialists who provide timely and relevant information at a fraction of the cost of keeping a dedicated FX expert on the payroll. Our subscribers come to us for various questions and we develop content based on what our clients frequently request from us. 

To schedule a 30-minute consultation and tell us your research requirements, write us using the link below.