About Us

What We Do

As a boutique advisory firm, Forex Datasource provides market-neutral insights that inform the strategic decisions of FX market participants. Our work includes consulting engagements, primary research design, and insight sharing via reports, webinars, and event participation.

Javier Paz, a seasoned market practitioner, leads the firm's advisory practice. Mr. Paz is a frequent contributor to Bloomberg, The Financial Times, and The Wall Street Journal, and is a guest speaker at industry events,.

Our Expertise

Our areas of expertise were acquired over the past two decades working for banks, brokerages, and larger consulting firms. As part of our efforts to map out the universe of FX service providers, we know intimately or have received hundreds of briefings on the topical areas below:  

  • Activity level by FX product, counterparty segment, and geography
  • Market sizing, market share analysis, and addressable opportunity measurement
  • Competitive landscape and new product positioning
  • Strategic alliance inquiries, vendor/counterparty due diligence, merger and acquisition advisory
  • Regulatory considerations
  • IPO filing market overview section
  • Technology and client experience trends
  • Best execution, transaction cost analysis (TCA)
  • Algo / HFT trading
  • Blockchain technology in capital markets, crypto currency adoption
  • Risk analysis: Systemic and counterparty