Independent research and 

advisory services 

for FX market participants

Our business model

Forex Datasource addresses two FX industry problems facing consumers of FX market data: asymmetric market microstructure information and costly analytics. The infographics on this page are a limited, static sample of the content we give users. 

Our research is available by subscription or report purchase. But unlike traditional research firms, Forex Datasource supports a freemium exchange business model and gives free research access to select FX price taking groups in exchange for participation in two annual surveys.  

Qualified firms (midsized and large buy side firms, non-BIS reporting banks, and large nonfinancial/non-vendor corporations) can gain free access to the reports in our research page by electing to participate in our current study at the link below and by participating in one more survey within the next 12 months. 

2019 FX Best-in-Class study

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